Communicators India has a rich experience of developing breakthrough communication solutions which has helped its clients experience phenomenal improvements in their communications with their desired audience. Our solutions have changed their communications landscape and their influence is still felt today.

We seek to be agents of change for our clients, our people and our society.

We are committed to:

Creating competitive advantages through our unique consultancy solutions
Building capabilities and mobilizing organizations & individuals with our products
Driving sustainable growth on the back of our strong research capabilities
Providing unparalleled opportunities for personal & organizational growth
Succeeding together with passion and trust

Communicators India exists not only as the partner of choice to transform organizations and societies, but in helping our clients exceed their own expectations as well. Our expertise encompasses most major sectors and many issues of national concern.


People centred Media Advocacy projects for a variety of international developmental organizations
Consultancy backed by proper communications knowledge
Campaign designs and communication strategies
Research and thorough evaluation of communications campaigns
Easily comprehendible communications products for reaching the desired audience
Nationwide network of consultants and media persons to deliver our best to clients
Building enduring relationships based on trust

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